Recent Clips

How One University Is Contending With the Aftermath of Trump’s Travel Ban

January 2017

I went to West Virginia University to report on how that campus was supporting its international students and scholars after President Trump put in place a 90-day travel ban from seven majority-Muslim countries.

An Uncertain Future for Title IX-Compliance Consultants

January 2017

I looked at the industry of consultants that has formed around compliance with Title IX, the federal gender-equity law, since the Obama administration stepped up enforcement of the law’s application to campus sexual assault.

What Safe Spaces Really Look Like on College Campuses

September 2016

I wrote this piece with my wonderful colleague, Katie Mangan. We examined how the term “safe space” has become a political football in higher education.

A University’s Struggle With Honor

June 2016

I reported from Brigham Young University, in Utah, and explored how the Mormon institution was navigating tensions between taking sexual assault seriously and upholding its stringent Honor Code.

In an Era of Campus Activism, a Student Group Seeks To Be the Face of Free Speech

March 2016

I went to Princeton University and profiled a student group that formed in response to the protests over race and the demands for safe spaces and policy changes that exploded in the fall of 2015.